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Sarasota Singles Society

The Sun Coast Area's amazing new premier singles social, dining, special event, and travel club. The Sarasota Singles Society elevates the traditional methods for meeting singles.

Members gather comfortably at exclusive, elegant private clubs, the area's top restaurants, and at a diverse array of exciting special events.  A wonderful way to make new friends, enjoy an active and fulfilling social life, find compatible
travel companions, network for your business, or perhaps meet a new romantic interest.

The SARASOTA SINGLES SOCIETY takes the process of meeting singles to a new level by providing a means for quality single men and women from Sarasota and the surrounding area to meet through socializing with other singles while savoring the pleasures of fine dining, extraordinary special events and amazing travel opportunities.
Our concept provides the perfect alternative to online dating or the typical bar scene.  There is no comparison to meeting a number of quality singles in person at an upscale social event.  We are all unique and comprised of many facets.  The entire person as a whole, and how they present themselves, is what either creates that magic when they meet someone, or not.  It is hard to imagine how a computer or another person can possibly determine who your perfect match might be.
Our upscale social events offer a comfortable, natural setting which puts people at ease and allows them to be themselves.  Hosts are on hand at every event to greet guests as they arrive and make certain they are connecting and involved throughout the evening.  It is amazing to see how people immediately start conversing and comingling when placed in a normal social setting.  We have a wonderful core group of members who are very welcoming, which is great, as we have new guests joining us for the first time at every event.
The SARASOTA SINGLES SOCIETY offers a far more natural, respectable, and safe way for people to meet.  Not just for romantic interests, but connecting and developing relationships within a comfortable community of friends who have wonderful opportunities to socialize together and do those things singles would otherwise not be able to do.  This is especially true for those recently relocated to the area, or someone who has just lost their life partner.    
Although not promoted strictly as a dating entity, many people have now met through attending our events and are experiencing the joy of having that special someone in their lives. 
Famed novelist Charlotte Bronte wisely wrote "Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste." If you are looking for a way to share some happiness with friends who, like you, enjoy the things that make life fun and create a more fulfilling life - join us!

It All Begins With Dinner!

Expand your singles social circle in the most enjoyable way, as we dine at some of our area's most exclusive private clubs and top gourmet restaurants.

The SARASOTA SINGLES SOCIETY hosts a variety of exciting social and cultural events such as music venues, dinner dances, theatre parties, themed evenings, wine tastings, brunches, boat trips, beach parties, and sports events.  Get your social calendar out as you view the tempting array of fabulous events on the Event Calendar that are already arranged for you.  Call your friends - and start making plans! 

Kentucky Derby Party!

The Kentucky Derby is more than a race - it's a tradition - and an excellent reason to have a party!  Break out the hats!
Arrive at the handsome Varsity Club to a Mint Julep and "Vote" for your favorite horse.  Coverage of the horses going to the gate and all the pre-race excitement, as well as the race, will be viewed on large screen TV's.  Paying homage to the traditional derby menu, Kentucky Browns will be served along with other hors d'oeuvres and a mini Kentucky Derby Pie for dessert.
Wearing a hat to the Kentucky Derby is believed to bring the wearer good luck.  CAST YOUR BALLOT FOR THE BEST HAT!   For further details on this as well as other exciting events, please click on Events or go to the Event Calendar.
We have new people joining us at each event - so you never know who you might meet! 


Sarasota Singles Society Offers Travel Opportunities 

"With travel, our minds become more curious, our hearts more powerful, and our spirits more joyous. And once the mind is stretched like that, it can never return to its original state." ~ 1000 Places To See Before You Die - by Patricia Schultz

Together we will share life-changing experiences and unique opportunities to explore this amazing world we live in. Excursions will be offered nearby such as venturing to Key West by hydrofoil or a getaway weekend to an island accessible only by ferry. As we become more acquainted with one another and develop into a community of friends we will begin our explorations outside of our immediate world. Some of our travel will be exclusive to our members.

We will offer you the world!!

In addition to our own group excursions, when you join our club you will receive a membership from our travel partner, Singles Travel International, the industry leader for single travelers. 

Whether it is a Bastille Day Celebration in France, Queen's Day festivities in Amsterdam with amazing accommodations in a private castle, or more adventurous travels to Peru and South Africa, STI coordinates the most exceptional trips. 

You will have opportunity to meet other quality singles from around the world, as well as enjoy the companionship of your fellow members.  No more solo travel or waiting for that special someone to come along - start planning your global travels now!  

The pathway is better when traveled together


Although a fairly new venue for the Sarasota area, this innovative concept has been an extremely popular and successful way for singles to meet for many years in Chicago. 

Carol and Harold Erickson founded "The Single Gourmet Dining and Travel Club" in Chicago and watched it grow to 1200 members within 1 1/2 years - primarily through word of mouth! 
After 27 years of hosting events and helping scores of singles create life-long relationships in Chicago, they will soon be full time residents of Sarasota.  The Ericksons will be joining us as
seasoned hosts as well as mentors.
Join the SARASOTA SINGLES SOCIETY and celebrate life!  Your social calendar will soon be filled with opportunities to enjoy endless special times and memorable occasions with your new circle of friends.

Life has more color and intensity when shared...